The Jordaan district used to be a working class neighbourhood. While the rich and wealthy merchants lived in their fancy houses on the Amsterdam canals, the carpenters and plumbers lived in the Jordaan. Their houses were no more than matchboxes and you could and can literally hear everything your neighbours are doing. Yet, the atmosphere was great. People were very outspoken and had what we call in Holland ‘their heart on their tongue’. Honest and hardworking people who sang in the streets. They had two favourite topics, the Westertoren (church) and love. Or a combination. Check out this video on youtube for a Jordaan medley. I immediately agree with you that it requires a certain amount of alcohol before you can begin to like it, yet it brought a great atmosphere in the streets and in the bars at night! Book a Jordaan runtour to discover this great area and meet the singers (in bronze 🙂