CanalsAmsterdam Tourist

Running a running company is a blessing. I rise and shine. Ok, I will be honest. At this point at 06;30 am I am not at my best.
That all changes as soon as I feel the morning breeze cool my face as I pedal quickly to the hotel to welcome my guests.

I warn them for the cyclists. It’s pure anarchy. Make no mistake, the laws apply to them as well but they don’t care, nor does the police. And nowadays you are at risk if you do brake for a red traffic light. As a pedestrian, the only way to survive is to look the cyclists straight in the eyes and keep walking. Do not hesitate, you will be hit. Do not stop, you will be hit. Just keep looking and walking on that zebra. It’s a mental game.

Cyclists are like snipers in Amsterdam, they hit you silently. Strangely enough, it barely happens. We have thousends of almost accidents though. A normal person would slow down in case of danger. Here you do the opposite. You ring your bell, shout ‘ HEY!’ and accelarate. Make yourself bigger so they all know that the piece of ground in front of you is yours.

The bike is part of our body. We are born and raised on bikes. You can see a mother if two with a kid in the front, one in the back, cellphone on the ear, and she will easily navigate on one square centimeter. Who needs a helmet?

Tourists on bikes is another story. Unable to drive straight if they are looking for the way or admiring the canal houses. But no worries, we know. And our curses are not meant personally. It’s our way to survive.
Fast forward.

Ok, now we can run. Let’s go. Amsterdam is awakening. The canals are still quiet. The view and the run is breathtaking.