Amsterdam is considered to be a biking paradise. ‘Amsterdammers’ have cycling genes. They were practically born biking. In order to promote that image,many opportunities are given to tourists to rent a bike or take a biking tour. Bad news for Amsterdam and even worse for the tourist. Why? And what’s the alternative?

1. There are simply too many bikes
On an average day, there are bike traffic jams all over town. But Amsterdam cyclists are everything but patient, so they don’t wait in line. Instead, they go around, cross the side walk or risk their lives between the cars. When they finally get off their bike, the struggle for a parking spot starts. Again, the bikes are packed with dozens on bridges and against houses. Elderly people and young mothers have to go around and hope they’ll survive.

2. Guided biking tours
When you take a guided cycle tour, you choose to relax. Well, not in Amsterdam. You rather stay focused. Because you have to stick to the group while skills are not spread equally. Your politeness forces you to look up to the beautiful canal houses when you are asked to, but deep down you know that an accident is right around the corner. And believe me, you never reach the skill level of the native Amsterdammer, carrying one kid in front, one behind and a cellphone in her left hand to inquire what dinner will be served.

3. Mass treatment or nearly personal
Do you really want to be one of the many? Doing what everybody does? Why biking? Try taking a running tour instead. It’s as personal as it gets. You will be picked up at your hotel lobby, see all the pretty sights from much closer and take detours wherever you want. Just ask the guide and he will adapt. Meanwhile, he will tell you all those interesting stories behind those pitoresk gables and add some personal stories on top.

4. Guided running tours
It’s as good as it gets. See, run and burn all at the same time.Triple your pleasure. You will not even notice you’re working out, distracted as you are by the beautiful sceneries, but you are. And after hitting the shower at your hotel and attacking the buffet, your personal photos will pop up on your cell and you will enjoy the run once more.

5. Go where bikers can’t
Let your own two feet take you through the narrowest alleys of the Red Light district. Bikers are not allowed so you will be safe. Sort of. The green parks are ready to be ran accros. Same for the Museum District. With the help of your guide you will get so much closer. Breathe the atmosphere. Believe me, it’s so much better than exhaust fumes.