The running tourist

I love to go running when on holiday. I always pack my running gear. There are always options to go out and explore. You will never see me on a treadmill in the hotel gym. My preferred option is obviously to go sightseeing. That’s why we started Tourist Run Amsterdam in the first place. I remember traveling on a business trip to Philadelphia, getting my first run in at 6AM because of the jet-leg. At breakfast my colleagues were amazed by what I already knew about the city.
When you go out running on your own, find a local park or follow a river so you won’t get lost. Before I leave on a trip I google to see if I can participate in a local running race. I know lots of people travel specifically to a city to run a marathon. I have to admit, I have never done that. I prefer smaller events.
In and around Amsterdam there are many running events you can participate. Next to the Marathon to most famous one is probably the Damloop. The Damloop you have to register 6 month in advance and it is always sold out very quickly. Not a race you can decide to participate in on last minute notice. Smaller 5Km and 10Km races you can almost always register on race day. Check out the following running races if you are traveling to Amsterdam

Rondje Mokum

9 Oktober 2016 Sloterplasloop (Nieuw-West) by AAC
30 Oktober 2016 Middenmeerloop (Oost/Watergraafsmeer) by AV’23
13 November 2016 Stadionloop (Olympisch Stadion, Zuid) by Phanos
January 2017 Vondelparkloop (Zuid) by Phanos
March 2017 Louis Vinkloop (Noord) by ATOS
April 2017 Nescioloop (Oost/IJburg) by AV’23
June 2017 Gaasperplasrun (Zuid-Oost) by AV Feniks

Runnersworld cross circuit.

6 November 2016 Cross Spaarndam Whelerplanet
November 2016 Cross Wijk aan Zee Heliomare
11 December 2016 Cross Haarlemmermeerse Bos Hoofddorp
29 January 2017 Beeckestijn Cross Velsen-Zuid
19 February 2017 Zaanland Cross Jagersplas Zaandam
March 2017 Boscross Amsterdamse Bos
12 March 2017 Parkloop (Parc run) Heiloo