Where can you go city running?

According to Scarborough Research around 60 million people run or jog in the United States. According to the same research agency, in Germany around 6 million people go out for a run on a regular basis. Dutch news agency NOS recently wrote that in Europe we have around 50 million running. The Netherlands has 2,4 million runners, which is arounf 18 percent of the population between 15 and 79 years old.

Does that mean you have to stop running at the age of 79? Certainly not! I remember well my (HP) Rotterdam Marathon in 2011. Reaching the finish line, Ed Whitlock had just finish in front of me, breaking the world record for the 80 years age group.

Running is a popular sport. It is easy and you can do it anywhere. Lots of people, any age, go for a run when on holiday. To help runners finding city running tours on their next trip we started to compile a list of cities where you can join organized sightseeing runs. It is called www.runtours.eu