Where to go running in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has many parcs where you can go for a run. The most central parc is Vondelpark. If you enter from the Stadhouderskade you have a 500meter path leading up to a loop of 3,3Km giving a beautiful but busy 4,3Km running exercise.
You may decide to exit the parc at the other end, the Amstelveenseweg. Go straight between some houses, cross at a traffic light and turn right at a school building “de Bockesprong”. Here you enter the Rembrandtpark. Exiting at the far end near the Ramada hotel you can continue running in the direction for the Sloterplas. The loop around the Sloterplas is 6Km. After running around the Sloterplas you can follow the same route back home. Connecting the 3 parc’s will give you a long run of around 17Km. At various points along the route there are points for drinking water. You can find a map of the running route here.

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